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Saturday, 5 October 2013


IGI 3 The Mark Full Version PC Game Highly compressed Free download

IGI 3 The Mark Full Version PC Game Highly compressed Free download
IGI 3 The Mark

IGI 3 The Mark a continues series of IGI Games and the team of IGI is trying to continue it by force as the game IGI 3 The Mark shows. The team of IGI no doubt is working hard for getting the good results. The game like the earlier versions is also aimed to stop the nuclear attack on the Europe and this time the target is London. The factor of Hollywood movies in the IGI 3 The Mark is highlighted. Like the earlier version of IGI ths shooter game is also concerned in defending the London from Nuclear attack. But in IGI 3 The Mark the nuclear missile is placed in the boat. A US Marine and a British Mercenary are responsible for saving the London from the Terroists attack. And on the other hand terroists try to kill the Marine and his sister because they are the individual who can identify and stop the missile which the terrorists are trying to use on London. The purpose of British Mercenary in this mission is to protect the Marine from the terrorists.

IGI 3 The Mark

There are more characters that can be choosen for play and more options to play IGI 3 The Mark. The game did not get a good response from the gamers as IGI 3 The Marks has many bugs like graphics problems, color matching is not suitable, the sound effects are generic. You can play IGI 3 The Mark online with online players of the game but it will be very hard finding an online player of IGI 3 The Mark. You can play IGI 3 The Mark in in standard deathmatch mode or in cooperative mode. You can check the map during the play and map control seems good than the earlier verisons. You can try the game even there are many defects but i think you should check the game at least once so that you can find what a bad game is sad to. As the final words i will say that IGI 1 and IGI 2 are better than the IGI 3 The Mark.

Trailer of IGI 3 The Mark Game

Minimum System Requirement

File size = 295 MB
CPU = Pentium 4 or 1.8 GHz Processor
RAM = 512 MB
Video Memory = 128 MB
OS = Windows XP, 2000, vista, 7 and 8


Please Note: Download all parts and then extract any one after downloading. PASSWORD = fastpcdownload.com




IGI 3 The Mark Full Version PC Game Highly compressed Free download


  1. please ultra compress it to less than 10 mb and send to me vishurishuom@gmail.com

  2. Thanks... Now, I can play I.G.I 3

  3. This file can not be extracted, because there are some missing files.
    hey admin ....
    if you want to upload the file in the first test.
    do not just Copas (copy and paste)
    if you want to post, give an explanation, - how to install it, - what goes in the system
    Thank you....

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