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Saturday, 23 November 2013


Download Fifa 2002 Football Game

Download Fifa 2002 Football Game
Fifa 2002 PC Game

FIFA 2002 game released by EA Sports. Electronic Arts is one of the best publisher of the sports games. Almost all the games i played in the category of sports were relased by Electronic Arts (EA). The soccer is very famous sports throughout the world specially in developed countries like USA / UK etc and people love to play soccer and watch football matches on TV. But the new generation is not satisfied by only watching they wish to envolve in the game so they try to play football in the grounds or in video games. The previous version of Fifa soccer games have some graphics and sound problems. But this latest version of Fifa 2002 Soccer game is made keeping in view all the previous experience so that gamer can enjoy this game. In the PC game Fifa 2002 you have the option to play single match or tournament mode. But the real joy of the game Fifa 2002 soccer game is Tournament Mode where you can play selecting your favorite game and playing against world's best teams. The players movement in this game has been improved so that player can enjoy the real life soccer in this video game.

Fifa 2002 provides you the real football experience. The World Soccer tournament allows you to play against the worl's fastest footabll team and try to win the soccer world cup tournament. In Fifa 2002 PC Game you will find the red visual cue which will show you the active player in the ground. You can also select to play footabll match in day, night and rain mode. The rain mode has newly been added in Fifa 2002 Football game where you can play the footabll match while water drops are falling down.

The FIFA 2002 game allows you to select the any game mode league or tournament. There are upto 32 matches in tournament mode and more than 500 sides. You can also play soccer game online by connecting to EA's owned internet player matching servce. You can select your favorite characters / players. You can customize the characters by age, dressing, physique, nationality and facial features. The conrollers for Fifa 2002 game can be adjusted as you desire. Hopefully you will enjoy playing this game which is highly compressed and fast direct download link.

Fifa 2002 PC Game

Fifa 2002 PC Game

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Processor = 200 MHz
Download File Size = 150 MB
Video Memory = 64 MB
Windows = Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 2000, 98, ME
RAM = 128 MB


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Download Fifa 2002 Football Game

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